Myrtle Beach Movers® Company

Moving Tips

  • When you call a moving company make sure the baby is asleep and the dogs are outside, so that you can hear, process, and understand the vision the mover is telling you.  Do you need your own truck?  Yes, you do with us.  We are moving labor to load and unload.  
  • We perform local moves with your rental truck providing quilts, blankets, rope, dollies, and tools.  "Your rental truck - our strong backs!"  Yes, you or your husband, friend or son needs to drive your truck.  By S.C. regulation, we can't do that.  We are not a full-service moving company - just labor, and some supplies.  However, I am happy to back the truck up into a location that minimizes time or facilitates the loading or unloading.
  • Most large items like armoires, chests of drawers, dressers are heavy enough without the clothes inside them.  Weighing down large pieces with clothes can debilitate or weaken an item.  When the item is leaned at a 45° angle the feet can break, so be careful about large items and weighing them down further.  Please remove any glass or wood shelving and bundle them up safely, or take in your car.
  • Remove all the shades to lamps and put concentrically (fit them together taking up smallest space) inside large garbage bags to keep clean.  If using tall wardrobe boxes for your clothing put lamps down inside at the bottom.  This is also a good place to put loose shoes.  Don't leave dead space, unless it is large furniture - then, leave dead space.  By the way, anytime you use garbage bags for moving - please use the Hefty® Cinchsak trash bag.  It doesn't rip or tear very easily.

Proudly serving Brunswick County, NC.