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Rhonda Miller <rhondatiger@gmail.com>
To mbmovers@yahoo.com Today at 12:11 PM

We just wanted to say thank you for helping with our move. We were very impressed with the courtesy and speed with which you performed our move. You did exactly what you said you would do and did it as quickly as you could which saved us some money. You guys did a great job getting the hard pieces out of a second floor apartment without complaint. You kept us updated on your time of arrival and were punctual and professional.

We would recommend you to everyone in the area! You provide great service! Thanks for making a normally stressful time so much better!

Rhonda Miller

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Name: Jane and Tom Pagano
E-Mail: jspaganois@gmail.com
Subject: Best guys ever!
Message: Patrick,
Just wanted to let others know that you and your crew go above and beyond! Hurricane Matthew didn\'t keep you down! Thank you so much for helping us move to Charlotte. Truck was packed tight and efficiently. Nothing damaged, and that says a lot of your expertise!
Best Regards,
Tom& Jane Pagano
Surfside Beach
Oct. 10, 2016

"Patrick and his guys (MB Movers) were on time and professional. In short order they were able to transfer a fully loaded mobile storage unit (PODS) into a large rental box truck for me. After a two hundred plus mile move in a rental truck on South Carolina roads, not a thing shifted or was damaged. To top it off, I was able to use Patrick and his guys' strong backs (business model) and pay for a rental truck at a fraction of the cost that the (PODS) mobile storage company quoted just delivering my families belongings. This was my third experience using Patrick and I have yet to be disappointed.
Thanks Patrick. Great job yall did for me!!"
Will Parrott - January 28, 2016

We just completed a move with Myrtle Beach Movers. Patrick and company were professional from the start. Booking was easy, and as promised, he called to confirm the night before. The three of them arrived right on schedule this morning and got right to work. 2 hours and 45 minutes later, the job was completed. They were very courteous, and went above and beyond to make our life easier today. I highly recommend them for your next move! says Kevin Jones (KJPAS.Com) Saturday, January 30, 2016.

Just a note of thanks to you and your crew for doing such a great job moving us out of our second floor condo and packing our rental truck. We really appreciated your hustle and great work ethic. You were right on with your cost and time estimates. At the end of our six hour trip nothing had shifted and there was no damage, so you did a great job packing the truck too! We appreciated being able to leave all of the hard work to you and your crew! Thanks again for a great job!
Laura and Don T, formerly of South Bay Lakes, Surfside, SC.
August 29, 2015

"Myrtle Beach Movers did a fantastic job! They were on time and extremely efficient. Patrick answered all my questions and had no complaints about hauling all my stuff up 3 flights of stairs in the middle of July! Prices are fair, and I would recommend them to anyone moving in the Myrtle Beach area. Thank you MB Movers." Madison Underwood. Job occurred on July 17th, 2015.

"Patrick and crew were on time, very efficient, damage free and had the move completed in less time than I expected." Doug Pemberton, new member of Cabot Creek community off Hwy 544, May 15, 2015

"After hearing many horror stories about so called 'professional moving' companies, we decided that we needed to 'control the process.' In order to prevent damage to our possessions and be confronted with last-minute charges when it is too late to hire another mover, we elected to pack and wrap all of our possessions. We purchased our own moving boxes, bundles of moving blankets and wrapping tape in bulk on line. This allowed us to set our own packing schedule, protect our own possessions to our own perfection and not have to deal with costly rental blankets. I had the good fortune of meeting Patrick L. Hill, from Myrtle Beach Movers while visiting the post office and kept his card until I was ready to move. We picked a date and he and his 'heavy lifters' showed up on time, surveyed all of our items and Patrick then directed his team on the sequence they would load the items. Patrick engineered the packing of the truck of our U-haul to ensure that everything was secured and stacked the lighter items on top.... sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. I strongly encourage anyone planning a move to consider this business model where you control the process. It is not very difficult and avoids any last minute surprises. Thanks again to Patrick and his team of "heavy lifters!!" Regards, Joe & Ruth Zoltak (Joe is a retired engineer.) December 2, 2013
Email: Joseph T. Zoltak - jzoltak@icloud.com

(Follow-up emails with Joe Zoltak above)
From Patrick Hill February 6, 2016 at 9:19 AM
To Joe Zoltak <jzoltak@icloud.com> wrote:
Hey Mr. Joe!!!!! This is Patrick from Myrtle Beach Movers. Just checking on you to see how everything went in your move. Your letter has been very conspicuous and helpful. Hope you are in good health.

From: Joseph Zoltak <jzoltak@icloud.com>
To: Patrick Hill February 6, 2016 at 9:29 AM
Glad to be of help to you. I think the business model of hiring your own loaders/unloaders and truck it yourself is great. Gives you total control of the process......unlike the moving companies who damage your stuff and then jack up the price at the last minute. I had an ex marine help me on this end. We will be going through the same thing again in a few months since we are having a new house built only a few blocks away so that will be much easier.
Sent from my iPad

Our move at the beach with Myrtle Beach Movers was quick, efficient + professional all the way!  Patrick and his crew, Mike and Billy, were very attentive to our needs + made moving day less stressful!  We intended to hire some neighbor boys to help load/unload our Uhaul - - so glad that didn't work out!
This crew knows how to load a truck securely.  It was a blessing to have lucked into this company thru our truck rental.  And they're nice guys too!  Thank you!
Steve & Marcia O. of Pawleys Island on 10-09-12.

"Myrtle Beach Movers™ were prompt and on time first of all.  Patrick went right to work carefully planning the loading of my furniture.  They were fast, safe, and strong because some of my items were pretty heavy.  On a personal note, Patrick was very easy with whom to deal and talk" - says Patrick Lynch of NMB on 10/03/12.

Dear Patrick,
My husband and I just wanted to send you our sincerest gratitude now that we have internet access again!! Yay!
Thank you for the outstanding work you did in moving our furniture in the rental truck. Though the weather proved to be horrible and we were limit on time, your service was exceptional. You packed the truck so well and neatly that unloading was as they say "a piece of cake."
I would certainly use your services again and highly recommend it to anyone!!
Wishing you nothing but success and our most gracious thank you!!
Kindest Regards,
Amanda and Michael Todd, DOD LSG on 02/27/12.

Hi Patrick.  I just wanted to write and thank you for your recent services with my Florence cross-town move on 11/28/2009.  I was very impressed by you and your team's professionalism and efficiency.  You were on time, got right to work, wasted no time, careful with my things, and friendly.  Your fees were fair and well earned.  I will definitely recommend your services for anyone who needs them.  Have a great holiday season!
David Raymond
Mortgage Business Data Analyst

Myrtle Beach Movers did a fantastic job for me moving from Florence, SC to Myrtle Beach. Patrick and his crew were very professional and polite. My monster 3pc leather sectional sofa didn't faze them.
I had a great experience, and will use them again.
Joel Raffensberger (moved on 10/24/09)
Myrtle Beach, SC

As an apartment community manager, I am quite frequently asked to recommend a reliable moving company.  Patrick Hill of Myrtle Beach Movers has always been at the top of my list when asked.  Patrick and his staff are most professional and efficient.  I met Patrick 5 or 6 years ago and have recommended him to many of my incoming and outgoing Residents and have never had a complaint.  Everyone has been very complimentary of his services and the value received.  A mover, or anyone I recommend, must provide excellent service in order to be on my short list!   Patrick has definitely filled that requirement for us!
Joanne Bray-Property Manager of Summer Chase Apartments in Little River, SC on 11-07-08.

"Many thanks to Myrtle Beach Movers for responding to our 'emergency' unloading at our new apartment.  This was a response and service beyond expectations.  We will be using you on our next move for certain," says Michael and Diana Hurwitz on 07-10-08, the new Co-Managers at Eagle Crest Retirement Facility.

FlorenceMovers.Net (Myrtle Beach Movers) were "Very professional, on-time, fast, & efficient.  Working in the mortgage industry (as a business analyst) during these hard times: it is refreshing to have experienced, friendly and fast moving help.  I would definately recommend and use again," says Kerry G. on 05/21/08 moving to Hartsville, SC.

"CharlestonMovers.Com (Myrtle Beach Movers) - you guys are life savers.  We were so exhausted from packing and were so glad you came to pack our (two)POD(s).  You did a wonderful and very quick JOB!!!  God bless!!"  Says, Holly Chaney on 06/2707 formerly of Summerville, SC.

"To those that face the daunting task of moving on a budget: I would highly recommend using Myrtle Beach Movers.  They were prompt, professional - and what a deal!  Their hard work made my move so much easier.  I simply could not ask for better service"  06/25/07 in Charleston, SC.
Sincerely, Rebecca Fox
(formerly of Myrtle Beach's WPDE television station)

"Myrtle Beach Movers take the stress out of moving with courteous, prompt & skillful service.  They provide the kind of professional moving help that makes relocating a breeze.  I've moved over 25 times, and I have never seen a tighter-packed truck! They have the technique and experience to make the move a success, and are a pleasure with whom to work!  Hire them!"  says Nancy Hoffmann, Ph.D in Philosophy on 10/25/06.

"I am writing this in regards to an exceptional  experience I had when I called Myrtle Beach Movers to assist me in moving into my new home.
They were VERY professional and hard working.  They made my move seem easy and it was a pleasure doing business with them." says Mr. Henry Jasmine of Murrels Inlet on 02/21/06: phone 843-650-7280.

"We moved from New Jersey, heard about Myrtle Beach Movers and decided to give them a try.  We were very pleased with this group, using 3 men to move our goods from storage to our new home.  They were quicker & neater than the ones from New Jersey that put our stuff into storage.  You could surely tell that they have done this kind of work often and well." says mortgage broker Gary Friedman of the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach on 08/13/05.  He is with American Mortgage & Investment Svcs. at (cell) 843-655-5282.

"Patrick, now that we are settled in our new home, we wanted to write and say a heart-felt thanks to you and Wendell for all of your help. We truly appreciate your hard work and getting everything to fit into the moving truck. I know that we could not have done it without you. Thanks to your excellent loading job, everything arrived in New York in one piece and unscratched.  Thanks again," says Lowell and Theresa Way and the "Sister Act" on 06/16/05.

"Our moving experience with Myrtle Beach Movers was very smooth & effortless.  Patrick and his men showed extreme professionalism and an economical method to this whole moving thing.  We would recommend MB Movers to anyone looking for an economical, yet professional, moving experience," says Chris and Heather Hester on 04/15/05.  They moved from the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach to the Dorchester area of Charleston, SC.

"We've had many movers over the years and through all of them, we've never had more careful or more efficient movers.  We highly recommend Myrtle Beach Movers to anyone who is seeking professional and very personable personnel for their next move," says Jack and Diane Marsch on 04/04/05.

"We have used Patrick Hill & Myrtle Beach Movers twice.  Both times they were on time, job was well planned out and finished in minimum of time.  Despite problems with trucks they even helped to resolve those.  We would recommend using them for any type of move," says Deloris and Eric Brown in Litchfield, SC on 03/29/05.

"I've been a landlord, as well as homeowner, and I can think of no better value than MB Movers.  They were very careful with my furniture and professional in all respects," says Jim Tulley of Surfside, SC on 02/23/05.

"MB Movers were on time, moved fast, & very courteous throughout.  All and all - a pleasant move.  If you are moving in the Carolina Forest area (of Myrtle Beach), give them a call," says Kevin O'hare of Carolina Forest Real Estate on 02/07/05 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

"Dear Myrtle Beach Movers (CharlestonMovers.Com): Thank you all so much for your wonderful and careful help!  Patrick even helped fix up some pre-existing scratches and dents in some of our furniture (with Minwax Wood-Finishing Markers).  We would definately use you again," says Andy Snyder of Mount Pleasant, SC on 02/02/05.

"Very easy & smooth Move.  It was a pleasure working with you & your employees and I will certainly recommend your company to my customers," says B. Valcarcel of Sunset Beach, NC's Centex Homes on 01/27/05, our second job this day.

"Myrtle Beach Movers - on time, professional, caring, and really hard workers.  We are very well satisfied with the job that they did and highly recommend them to everyone in the area," says Kenneth & Deborah Jones formerly of Murrells Inlet, SC with loaded truck on 01/27/05.

"Hey guys,  we just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for all of your hard work.  We were so impressed with everything and very relieved that we found you!  We would have never packed that UHaul without you two.  Thanks for being so courteous and easy to talk to.  You both made us feel very comfortable and we only wish that we could have packed you two in the truck with us to Kentucky.  We'll definitely recommend you to any family and friends that we have in the area.  We can't say thank you enough for all of your help.  You guys take care." says Dusty & Karl Karkaria formerly of Charleston, SC on 03/13/04.

"Thanks Pat and Mike for a job well done! These two men helped us move from Sumter to Myrtle Beach and did not charge any travel expenses. Worked hard and were very careful with our furniture. Would definitely use them again. Thanks again." says Robert B. in Myrtle Beach, SC on 03/16/04.

"I strongly recommend Myrtle Beach Movers.  We just moved from Ohio to Charleston and contacted Myrtle Beach Movers to help us unload our truck.  First of all, Myrtle Beach Movers did NOT charge us a travel fee to get to our place -- like so many other companies do -- even though they had to travel all the way from Myrtle Beach to North Charleston.  Patrick and two helpers arrived on time and worked very hard, despite the fact that they had just finished another move and must have been worn out.  I can only say good things about Myrtle Beach Movers: the guys got started right away, they worked very hard and were very conscientious; they were willing and able to work around minor obstacles, but they were also quite nice and easy to talk to.  I would not hesitate to hire them again; they were a big help on the last leg of our move.   Thanks for all your help, guys." says Michaela W. and  Sean D. on 09/10/03.


We work in Horry County areas like Aynor, Carolina Forest, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Longs, Loris, Pawley's Island, Coastal Carolina University, Longs, Socastee, Surfside, Garden City, and Myrtle Beach Movers SC; Georgetown County cities like Murrells Inlet, Georgetown, and Andrews; and lower Brunswick County movers areas like Shallotte, Calabash, Carolina Shores to load and unload.

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